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So I recently went out to Malta for the first time.  I had previously written it off as a den of iniquity set against a stunning seabased backdrop.  I'm happy to report I was (almost entirely) wrong.

Malta has so many hidden gems of little coves like this.  It was one hell of a climb up to this viewpoint, took me hours, but it was totally worth it.

You see, there are two Malta's.  Like a lot of countries, if I'm honest.

There is the tourist 'front end'.

And there is the gritty reality 'back end' behind the scenes.

Before I went, I had two conflicting views of Malta...

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Get down the beaches of Malta

Consider this as your view for an evening, as the sun sets

Our Story

I looove travelling.  I adore going on holiday.  What's the difference?  Should there be one?

Most people would say that a holiday is more based in one place. I say you dont need to differentiate, if you like a holiday with some travelling in it

Sam, traveller


My journey through the world has been quite a journey!

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Wherever you've been before, there is always somewhere new.  I will help you I hope, somewhat, by showing you the places I've been - the places I'd recommend - and the places I would definitely NOT recommend.  There are many of both!


This is such a tricky area to traverse.   Stunning and fascinating, but I never felt safe.  If I'm honest, mostly because I always had other history and stories going on in the back of my head that were chattering to me all the way.  So I was alert as all hell.  I never relaxed.  It was amazing, dont get me wrong, but I didnt consider it a holiday.  Only an eye opener.

Better, Luxury Holidays


Greece is amazing.  There is no other way to say it.  SO much variation, so much history, so much culture


Le Ladakh

I love travelling.  But I also adore sinking into some seriously luxury family holidays.  I am well blessed to be able to do this. I know. I really appreciate it.

But I do work jolly hard to get to the places I go, with my family together.



We went to France for an amazing trip and travel, touring the country then plomping down and staying at this fantastic family holiday villa for 2 weeks in the sun. 

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